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Lord Koðran inn hvíti gylðir, called Korigan

"Bought my helmet about 4-5 years ago and still works, holds up well still no dents despite the scuff mark lol. I totally recommend Aesir for the artwork and the durability, hands down for a forever helmet."


Erin Clardy West

Photo taken by Mistress Danielle de la Roche


Quintus Valarius Gracchus


Matt Broadway

"Easily the best helmet I've ever owned, and probably the best helmet that I will ever own.  Unless I get another helmet from Aesir Metalwyrks...  because that is the only way I could get a better helm.  Because Dave made it...  because he is a Metal Working God, who walks among lesser men.

Edited to add:  I added the leather wrap after the fact."


Wolfgang Von Wuestenberg

"I have purchased 2 Aesir helms thus far, and am in the queue for my 3rd. This is protective functional art. Aesir Helms are the best I’ve ever owned.

I have absolute confidence in Aesir products. So much so, that I custom ordered one for my wife. She loves it!"


Scott Frappier and son

Sir Sevastian Agafangilovich Golytsin AKA Ivan Armoury


"Still rocking my helmet. It still gets compliments."


Jonathan & Samantha Lockwood


"I have a lot to say on this.  My helm is one done by Dave from Windrose. I love it.  My wife wanted to do combat archery, and so we decided to buy from æsir.  I worked out everything via email with Dave, everything was great.  Service, communication, the finished product, all exceeded every other armor merchant experience I’ve had.  Any time someone needs a helm my only suggestion is Æsir.  I’ll be ordering another for myself soon."


Centurion Alexander Marcellus mka Clinton Cullum