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Additional Information

Semi Custom Armour is armour which has a shorter prep time than fully custom armour while still giving you choices which make the piece more your own.  See below for the options and prices.

**NOTE: Email us Here to place an order for Semi Custom Armour

Mild helms include mild steel rivets and bar grills, stainless helms include brass rivets and mild steel bar grills unless otherwise noted. All brass additions are mounted with brass rivets.

25% of the helm cost is due as a non-refundable deposit at the time of order placement.

(Exception: for Welded Ring Aventail entire price is due at time of order placement)

Each piece is custom-built and handmade so please allow for variations from the photo examples.

Please allow an estimated 120 days for delivery.


All options are available in medium polish or antiqued/dark finishes
The cut face plates only work with the Norse or coppergate cheek plate options, best with coppergate.

14-gauge Cheek Plate Options:

 Please note that helmets with the Aventail or Leather Drape options can not choose a cheek plate option.  A full wrap plate will be used and the Aventail is stitched to the 1st or 2nd bar from the eye slot (Half Leather Drape can still choose cheek options) 

1 - Coppergate

2 - Norse

3 - Middle Eastern 

4 - Dark Ages

5 - Norman

6 - Roman


Nasal Options:

1 - Crusader

2 - Dark Ages 2

3 - Brit/Romano

4 - Simple

5 - Norse

6 - Varangian 3-Piece

7 - St Wenceslaus

8 - Salanski (welded) **not available in brass**

9 - Cruciform

10 - Dark Ages 1

11 - Norman

12 - Large Persian

Cut Face Plates

This is an example of the "Web" Cut Face Plate.


Example Combinations


Antique Finish Mild Steel Round Top

Norse Cheek Plates

Norse Nasal in Brass

Web Pierced Mild Steel Face Grill


"Dark Ages Helm"

Antique Finish Stainless Steel Round Top

Dark Ages Cheek Plates

Dark Ages 2 Nasal in Brass


Stainless Steel Conical

Norman Cheeks

Cruciform Nasal in brass


Stainless Steel Round Top

Norman Cheeks

Crusader Nasal in brass


"The Norse"

Antique Finish Stainless Steel Round Top

Norse Cheeks

Norse Nasal in Brass


"The Varangian"

Antique Finish Stainless Steel Conical

Coppergate Cheeks

Varangian Nasal in brass (3-piece)


Stainless Steel Conical

Norman Cheeks

St. Wenceslaus Nasal in brass


Antiqued Stainless Steel Rounded

Cruciform Nasal

Antiqued Aventail


Brass Brit/Romano Nasal

Dark Ages Cheeks

Antiqued Stainless Steel Round Top


Large Brass Persian Nasal

Middle Eastern Cheeks

Antiqued Stainless Steel Conical Top


Stainless Steel Norman Nasal

Norman Cheeks

Medium Polish Stainless Steel Conical Top