SCA Riveted Bascinet

Additional Information

A Riveted Bascinet is a great option for the person looking to build up a 14th century kit.  This will allow you to move in stages if necessary.  The removable bar grill/face plate allows for a Klapp visor to be purchased at a later date and added without modifying the existing helmet.

Semi Custom Armour is armour which has a shorter prep time than fully custom armour while still giving you choices which make the piece more your own.  See below for the options and prices.

**NOTE: Email us Here to place an order for Semi Custom Armour

25% of the helm cost is due as a non-refundable deposit at the time of order placement.

Each piece is custom-built and handmade so please allow for variations from the photo examples.

Please allow an estimated 120 days for delivery.

Price List

Example Combinations


Antiqued Mild Steel


Medium Polish Stainless Steel

Welded Flat Link Mail Aventail

(Brass leaf detail would not be included - this would make it a fully-custom order)


Antique Stainless Steel

Welded Flat Link Mail Aventail

Stainless 10 gauge Cut Face Plate