About Us


AESIR Metalwyrks was started in the Fall of 2011 by Dave Demers.  The company began by making various pieces of armour and medieval-inspired accessories for members of the Society for Creative Anachronism. AESIR has since branched out to making decorative armour, accessories, trailer hitch covers, and armour for members of the Armored Combat League.


Dave Demers, Jr (AKA HE Master Sir Donngal in the SCA) - Owner, Armourer, Merchant Extraordinaire.

Dave makes the majority of the helms and products sold at AESIR Metalwyrks.  He is constantly exploring new styles and ways to improve upon existing patterns, check the gallery for his amazing works!  

Contact Dave Here

Angie Famoso (AKA HE Mistress Iona in the SCA) - AESIR Valkerie

Angie can be found running the AESIR booth at SCA events.  She also happens to be Dave's lovely wife.


Josephine Merrill (AKA Lady Josephine in the SCA) - AESIR Valkerie, Web Mistress, Unofficial AESIR Secretary

Jo can also be found helping in the AESIR booth at SCA events.  She also updates the AESIR website.

Contact Jo at web.aesirarmoury@gmail.com