Come see us at Estrella War! February 19-25, 2019 in Queen Creek, AZ


Hello friends of Aesir!  Please note that we are in full swing getting ready for (and then recovering from) Estrella War.  We hope to see you all out there!  But please note that this means we will not be taking Semi Custom (SCA) orders until March 1st and we are still not taking fully custom orders until announced.  Please watch our Facebook feed for more information!


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Welcome to AESIR Metalwyrks - Historically Inspired Armour for the Sports Minded Enthusiast!  

We make custom medieval inspired armour and accessories.  We are located in Maricopa, Arizona. 

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Here you can shop for or design your very own piece of medieval armour, medieval helmets, or medieval accessories to use in the SCA, BoTN, or ACL battlefields, cosplay, Steampunk, or to use as a gorgeous mantel piece.  

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